East Asian
Modern Agricultural Greenhouse in Egypt
Location: Cairo, Egypt Area: About 3,000 hectares Introduction:
It is the world's largest greenhouse construction project. The single greenhouse  has an area of 1 hectare. The first phase of the project has an area of 3000 hectares. The greenhouse owns serrated multi-span structure with 200 mic PEP film cover. It consists of internal shading system, film ventilation system, fertilization and irrigation system,crop hanging system, hot stove etc. Highlights:
The key project in the Belt and Road Initiative.the largest greenhouse project manufacturedby China. the largest greenhouse construction group in the world .
Multi span greenhouse in East Asian modern seed industry research and Development Center, Liaoning Location:  Shenyang, Liaoning Area:  1080 m2 Introduction: The form of the greenhouse is Venlo multi span greenhouse with spanning 9.6m and one span and three spires. In order to study the seed development under different environmental conditions, it is divided into five separate seedling-raising zones. An intelligent environmental control system is equipped to make suitable temperature, humidity and illumination conditions. In addition to the conventional system configuration, an internal thermal insulation quilt, an electric fan-assisted heating system, and a gutter snow-melting system are added. Especially a large number of supplementary lighting are installed indoors to create artificial fill effect.
Multi span greenhouse in Yinchuan
Location: Yinchuan, Ningxia Area:  4800 m2 Introduction: The project is a relocation and rebuilding project. After demolishing the existing greenhouse, the land is redesigned and rebuilt. The greenhouse adopts a multi span PC board with spanning 9.6m. It is equipped with continuous row type electric window on the top, and fan and wet curtain in the facade. The greenhouse has strong structure, beautiful appearance, good ventilation and low cost.

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